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As an Israeli-based business, you should work with a marketing agency offering SEO services that is also based in Israel. There are a couple of reasons for this: 

     1. An Israeli SEO service provider operates in the same time zone and can meet with you in-person.

     2. Sharing the same no-bullshit attitude. This can help prevent miscommunications and to help develop a more connected and personal relationship, making it feel like you have an in-house marketing team at your service.

But where should you start your search for SEO services in Israel? There are many things to keep in mind like reputation, experience, complementary services, etc. Let’s take a deeper look at what you should keep in mind when looking for an SEO company in Israel.

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There are 6 things we recommend to consider during your search:


Clutch is an online business directory where you can search for and evaluate services providers for short-term or on-going projects. As you start your search for an SEO service provider in Israel, check out the businesses listed there. 

The good thing about Clutch is that they have a dedicated team to verify each review in person, so chances are what you read on there is totally legit.


2. Word of Mouth

Israel is such a small country, it seems like everyone knows each other — especially in the tech startup scene. Ask around for recommendations among your friends, peers, colleagues, etc. For every recommendation, it is important to check their referrals and read testimonials.

3. Experience with technology startups on a global scale

Israel is full of technology startups, but just because you’re based in Israel doesn’t mean you are solely targeting the Israeli market. In fact, most tech startups are aiming at the international market. As such, make sure the Israeli SEO agency you choose has proven international experience in competitive markets. (This has been KeyScouts focus for the past 15 years, and you can learn more about our international success stories by reading our case studies).

4. Native English speakers

As we mentioned in point #3, you will want to work with an Israeli SEO firm with international experience, and that means they should employ native English speakers on their content team. Content is a crucial aspect of SEO, so the agency you partner with should include this as part of their SEO strategy. In order to make sure the content is high-quality and valuable, the people managing and producing it must be native English speakers. 

5. Inbound marketing expertise

Producing content for content’s sake isn’t enough to succeed in SEO — and the SEO firm you choose to work with should know that. When you are evaluating agencies, ask them how they build an SEO content strategy. The content strategy must correlate with the SEO strategy otherwise you will get nowhere. 

Also, B2B tech companies tend to have longer sales funnels, so your content strategy must take into account the buyer’s journey through your website. 

Finally, your SEO campaign should be driven by topics rather than just a group of sporadic keywords. Your chosen SEO agency should be proficient with aligning your SEO objectives to topical content clusters that contain a pillar article with numerous related blog posts and a proper internal link structure to bind them all together. 

Unfortunately, not many SEO agencies in Israel are familiar with this methodology let alone have practical experience with it.

6. Marketing Automation experts

Marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot or Marketo can be a valuable component in your overall digital marketing strategy. It can help you execute holistic and integrated marketing campaigns. All marketing activities are ultimately connected to one another – SEO, Content, Social Media, Email, PPC, etc. So, it is ideal to work with a marketing platform where you can handle all of those activities in one place, monitor progress across channels, and constantly improve your performance. 

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The downside of integrating a marketing automation platform is the learning curve. You really have to master these platforms if you want to benefit from your investment, and this is no simple task. 

At KeyScouts we recommend working with HubSpot. If this is a valid direction for your business, make sure your SEO agency can provide HubSpot management as a service, so they can manage everything for you, from setup to full implementation and ongoing maintenance. 

There are only a few SEO agencies in Israel that are HubSpot certified, so be sure to ask the companies you are evaluating if they are a certified HubSpot Partner, like KeyScouts has been since 2017.

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Finding SEO Services in Israel

If you have already started evaluating SEO agencies in Israel, then you have probably come across the name KeyScouts. We are one of the most established marketing agencies in Israel with more than 15 years of experience. 

We specialize in B2B digital marketing, and we have clients from a number of industries including cybersecurity, business intelligence, online payments, and more. Feel free to check out our list of customers to see who we have worked with and the amazing results we have achieved for them. 

KeyScouts has an excellent reputation with Israeli tech startups as well as larger companies thanks to our proven experience in competitive international markets as well as our focus on providing excellent customer service and total transparency (which you might not find very often, especially in Israel).

KeyScouts boasts an English-speaking team, with a content department full of native English speakers dedicated to providing high-quality, valuable content — not just the usual useless marketing fluff. We write content your readers will want to engage with.

And as mentioned above, we are also a HubSpot certified partner. Each KeyScouts team member is HubSpot certified in Inbound Marketing, making KeyScouts one of the leading HubSpot certified agencies in Israel.

If you are looking for SEO services in Israel, we invite you to consider working with us – there are plenty of reasons why you should not pass on our offer.

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