The Sisense analytics platform is a complete end-to-end BI platform that empowers data engineers, developers, and analysts to build analytic apps that deliver highly interactive user experiences.
Check out the amazing results they achieved with the help of KeyScouts marketing experts:
333% Increase organic blog traffic in 1 year

59% Increase in organic website traffic in 1 year


Gong analyzes your customer-facing interactions across phone, email, and web conferencing to deliver your team the insights they need to close more deals. Move your teams to reality-based performance today, with autonomous insights that guide your people. So they are better aligned across the enterprise.

After working with KeyScouts for 12 months, the gains in organic traffic and leads were above expectations:

       256% Increase in organic traffic

    1000% Increase in organic leads


bob is a people management platform that helps fast-growing companies attract, excite, and retain their people through data-driven HR tools.
After working with KeyScouts for 12 months, they were very pleased with the increases in traffic and leads:

  157% Increase in organic traffic

  189% Increase in organic leads


Cato SASE Cloud with SSE 360 provides a global converged cloud-native service that securely and optimally connects all branches, datacenters, people, and clouds. Cato can be gradually deployed to replace or augment legacy network services and security point solutions.

Within a year, the KeyScouts team helped them experience a significant boost in website traffic:

       60% Increase in organic traffic


Singular’s mission is to empower businesses to drive growth with unified marketing data, intelligent insights, and automation.
After working with KeyScouts for 18 months, they witnessed significant gains in traffic and leads:

  158% Increase in organic traffic

  273% Increase in organic leads


DataRails is on a mission to fundamentally change how analytics are used within the finance function. The DataRails platform knows how to convert data into valuable information that can be leveraged by the executive team towards faster and more effective decision-making.

After working with KeyScouts for 12 months, they were impressed by significant gains in leads as well as traffic:

       255% Increase in organic traffic

       412% Increase in organic leads


Anyword is a natural-language-generation platform that tailors marketing messages to their audience. Access to millions of marketing messages, coupled with historical data, create expert-level messaging across multiple channels and formats.

After working with KeyScouts for12months, they experienced significant increases in traffic and leads:

  711% Increase in organic traffic

  635% Increase in organic leads


Anodot’s software detects and correlates anomalies and forecasts business performance in real time.

After working with KeyScouts for several months, they already experienced a huge increase in traffic and leads:

211% Increase in organic traffic in 6 months

261% Increase in organic leads


Bites develops solutions for training, communications, and everything else a frontline workforce requires. Based on a content creation app, it enables the creation of media-based professional content and delivery via social channels.

After working with KeyScouts for 8 months, they already experienced an unprecedented increase in traffic and leads:

1406% Increase in organic traffic in 6 months

   900% Increase in organic leads

Bites website


Clicktale is the market leader in Experience Analytics. They combine the power of rich data, machine, and human intelligence to deliver better outcomes.

With the help of KeyScouts, they were able to experience a big boost in traffic within 1 year:

       43% Increase in blog views

       61% Increase in social traffic


Driivz enables Electric Vehicle charging network operators to manage and develop their infrastructure to provide the best service to their customers.  The KeyScouts team has helped them achieve amazing growth.
After working with KeyScouts for 24 months, they were blown away by an outrageous gain in leads as well as an awesome increase in traffic:

       308% Increase in organic traffic

32,533% Increase in organic leads


Precognize is a leading predictive analytics solution for the process industry to boost production and operation.

After working with KeyScouts for 14 months, they experienced an incredible gain in leads as well as an impressive increase in traffic:

    222% Increase in organic traffic

 7000% Increase in organic leads


Lightspin’s contextual cloud security platform protects microservices from known and unknown risks. The predictive graph based technology empowers security teams to mitigate risks by blocking attack paths while maximizing productivity. 

After working with KeyScouts for 12 months they were excited by the impressive growth in traffic:

       2377% Increase in organic traffic


Alcide fills the gap between DevOps and security so that there could be a more seamless flow between all stakeholders.

In under a year, they saw a huge increase in traffic and leads thanks to KeyScouts:

       160% Increase in organic traffic

       328% Increase in leads


Personali’s AI-powered platform helps ecommerce businesses deliver optimal incentives to customers.

With the help of KeyScouts, they were able to significantly grow in a relatively short period of time.

       163% Increase in organic traffic

          98% Increase in blog views


Splitit allows consumers to split their purchases into smaller payments that are spread out over time, helping businesses to boost average spend and lower cart abandonment rates.
Together, KeyScouts and Splitit were able to achieve a huge increase in the performance of their website in just one quarter, resulting in:
130% Increase organic traffic leads
170% Increase in organic leads in 1 year


DPO’s highly secure payment platform makes payments simple by allowing businesses to accept credit cards, mobile payments and cross-border payments.
With the help of the KeyScouts team, DPO experienced tremendous growth:

2650% Increase in organic traffic in 3 years

   970% Increase in online conversions in 3 years


Unpakt is a tool to plan, compare, book and manage your move efficiently and smoothly. They instantly show moving companies’ prices based on how much stuff someone has — no ballpark estimates or hourly rates. They also verify that all their movers are experienced, licensed, reliable, and insured.
The KeyScouts team helped Unpakt increase their web traffic and expand across the the US:

90% Increase organic blog traffic in 8 months

11% Increase in organic website traffic in 1 year


Panoramic Power offered an advanced energy management system that paired wireless, self-powered sensors with a cloud-based analytics platform to deliver actionable operational insights.
They were acquired by Centrica Business Solutions in 2015, but before that, KeyScouts helped them achieve incredible growth:

290% Increase in organic website traffic in 7 mo

250% Increase in contact conversion rate in 7 mo


Novidea was created specifically for insurance professionals. It is the operations management system that turns data into actionable insights.

Within one year, the KeyScouts marketing experts helped them experience tremendous growth:

       129% Increase in organic traffic

       350% Increase in leads


Zero Networks makes segmentation the easiest and most effective way to protect your organization Enable MFA anywhere you thought you couldn’t to block ransomware and advanced attacks. Forever.


Corpoate Gift helps companies show appreciation and manage relationships through a new type of gifting experience specifically designed for corporations.


TopSoft is a software comparison platform that provides comprehensive evaluation reports based on unique comparison and POC technologies in addition to professional testers. We bring to the market a new, innovative way of choosing the right software solution and are part of – a leading multinational technology group.


Winward provides actionable risk management,
from screening and monitoring to deep investigations, we provide bottom line go / no go recommendation with 75% less false positives, so our customers and partners can focus on future-forward decisions, secure operations, and optimizing their business.


Our product-ready APIs, no-code Language Studio, and vertically pre-trained models allow developers to deliver immediate value with zero risk. No background in AI/NLP required.


Ahoy! is a new breed of insurance company designed by people who understand and care about boating as much as you do. Providing innovative recreational boating insurance that leverages proactive, risk-reducing, technology to keep the most exciting aspect of your life stress-free.


Offering interactive learning experiences within any application. Significantly improves customer satisfaction and product adoption by providing highly engaging self-service courses directly inside products including hands-on challenges and assessments.


Galooli specializes in remote management and predictive analytics for connected assets and energy sources for the industrial Internet of things (IIoT).  Its patented technology enables increased revenues while saving on OPEX and CAPEX.


Navori QL software includes everything needed to create, deploy, and play digital signage content on any screen. Accurate and actionable marketing data can be gathered to better understand visitors and improve the bottom line.


Zencity uses AI and big data to help local governments make better decisions. The platform is designed to enable local governments to better understand what people want in their cities and eliminate the guesswork from policymaking.
zen city logo
Zen City help local govt make better decisions


ARMO enables DevOps teams to seamlessly deploy natively zero trust workloads across all environments. The company provides service-to-service visibility and a security control plane for cloud-native, data center, and hybrid environments.


Caboodle AI is a content marketing platform powered by AI and machine learning. From small businesses to large enterprises, it helps teams around the world think bigger, work smarter and reach higher.
Caboodle AI logo
Caboodle AI - AI-driven news feeds, newsletters and business directories


EnsureDR empowers an enterprise to be 100% certain that in the event of a real Disaster Recovery scenario, they will be able to recover and facilitate uninterrupted uptime and continued business operations.


CalCom is a leading provider of unique hardening automation tools that address the needs of both IT and security teams. The CalCom Hardening Automation Solution (CHS) ensures servers are constantly hardened, secured and compli


CoolaData is an advanced BI and analytics platform that stores unlimited amounts of data events in the cloud while providing advanced user behavioral analytics.


Moovit is a public transit app and mapping service featuring live arrival and departure times, line schedules, local station maps, service alerts, and advisories about a current trip.


Yotpo lets you generate customer content, drive traffic and increase conversions by helping you collect more verified reviews and seamlessly share them on social platforms.


Gett is a ride-hailing app. The app will soon allow you to ‘Gett’ other things – from beauty and home services, to dry cleaning and food & drink – all with the same high-quality service.


Optibus provides a SaaS platform that plans and schedules the movements of every vehicle and driver, with insights into how this affects operations, on-time performance and costs.


Bringg’s solution helps companies achieve logistical excellence through a combination of perfect customer experiences and streamlined delivery operations.


BlueSnap provides a robust set of eCommerce tools and international payments solutions to online businesses worldwide.


Office Depot Israel is the leading supplier of office products and services in Israel. The company is part of the global Office Depot chain with thousands of stores worldwide.


SysAid is a leading provider of IT helpdesk software and customer service solutions, offering a powerful web-based infrastructure solution for the internal and external service desk.


TAPI (Teva Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)is the leading international api manufacturing and is a stand-alone unit within Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.



VDOO enables trust in connected devices through a security revolution tackling the significant and urgent IoT cyber security problem using our end-to-end solution of security automation, certification, and active protection.


BeyondMinds is proposing a new paradigm for deploying production-grade AI solutions across enterprises. The company believes that impactful AI solutions should neither be built from the ground up, nor bought off-the-shelf, but rather hyper-customized to fit the business problem and constraints. BeyondMinds developed the world’s first modular AI technology stack to solve the challenges that currently hold back enterprise AI adoption.


folloze logo
Folloze inspires marketing and sales teams to collaborate on marketing strategy, account-specific content campaigns, content automation and more, while also enabling marketing to easily deliver campaigns on behalf of sales.
CloudZone is an Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner, Microsoft Azure Gold Cloud Platform Partner, and a Google Cloud Partner. With over 9 years of experience in Cloud consulting and delivery, the company provides its clients with a complete service package that includes professional services, managed services, and consulting.
Frontitude logo

 The Frontitude platform helps companies manage their products’ language in a single location and deliver a consistent tone across all user interfaces.  It also enables collaboration with their peers to receive feedback and approvals.



Clarity is an Israeli-based cybersecurity firm whose expertise is cyber and information security. The company delivers cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to help companies of any size protect themselves and their networked assets from malicious activity, breaches, cybercrime, and internal threats.


Spectoos is a powerful platform with a set of widgets designed to empower website owners by streamlining the whole process of testimonials curation, management and display.


RadView Software develops load testing tool and performance monitoring for web and mobile applications.


Drive more business and deliver amazing service with an all-in-one business management app for small businesses.


3DOptix started the online optical design and simulation platform to get more done in a frictionless remote environment. Their easy reliable and innovative optical cloud platform provides optical CAD Design, simulations, and widgets services.
The Gymartist team helps people make an informed decision before purchasing any gym equipment.


SOSA connects corporations, governments and cities to the world’s most innovative technologies and ecosystems in the areas of cybersecurity, data-driven-solutions and Industry 4.0.


Specializing in mobile development since 2005, Anywhere Software develops and markets rapid application development tools for various platforms.


SCADAfence is the only security platform built to keep complex, large-scale OT networks running smoothly as you embrace digital transformation.


the water scrooge

The Water Scrooge offers a leak detection and monitoring solution that wirelessly
monitors water flow to proactively detect and locate leaks.


Kaltura provides live and on-demand video SaaS solutions to thousands of organizations around the world, engaging hundreds of millions of viewers at home, at work, and at school.


Wochit is a video creation platform empowering newsrooms, editorial teams, and social media editors to engage audiences through the power of video.


TrapX Security is the world leader in cyber deception technology, with solutions that rapidly detect, deceive, and defeat advanced cyber attacks and human attackers in real time.


Applicaster’s platform lets broadcasters & content owners develop & launch apps, OTT service or integrate functionalities like engagement and interactivity into third-party apps.


NetCloud provides businesses with solutions for reducing corporate costs and increasing sales through leading information technologies in the cloud.


ECI delivers ELASTIC network solutions to service providers, utilities and data center/cloud providers. ECI’s solutions ensure open, future-proof, and secure communications.


GigaSpaces provides the leading in-memory computing platform for fast data analytics and extreme transaction processing.


Puls connects consumers with expert technicians for rapid-response repairs and on-the-spot support for the devices at the heart of digital life.


WhiteSource is an all-­in-one licensing, security, quality and reporting solution for managing open source components in real-­time.


GeoEdge provides ad verification and transparency solutions for the online and mobile advertising ecosystem.


Thousands of companies around the world from a wide range of sectors – such as defense, medical, and finance – use Typemock tools to make unit testing easy and to prevent bugs.


The Mendeli Street Hotel is located moments away from the beaches of Tel Aviv and is more than just a place to rest your head.


As the leading provider of premium IT environments in the cloud, CloudShare multiplies your IT resources and slashes your costs.


Levona Cosmetics improves people’s lives by treating the symptoms acute skin disorders with non-prescription, OTC pharmaceuticals and skin care solutions.
Ericom Software is a leading global provider of Access, Virtualization and RDP Acceleration solutions.


TalentTribe lets you peek into the world’s most successful enterprises: teams in action, virtual office tours, and photo/video uploads from employees’ day-to-day lives.


DBmaestro is a pioneer and a leading DevOps for database solution provider, enabling agile development and continuous integration and delivery for the database.


CommuniTake offers an Enterprise Mobility and mobile Total Care suite. Their product is easy and fast to deploy and provides smart user experience with tangible business results.

HOPAYACHT.COM connects travelers to unique cruise experiences, with a large portfolio of different sizes and shapes of gulets, motor yachts, catamarans and bare boats, worldwide.


The White Villa Hotel is a peaceful hideaway in the heart of Tel Aviv that blends luxury urban sophistication with an old-world charm.


Insert helped mobile marketers and product managers drive better engagement, conversion, and retention. Insert was acquired by Pendo in 2017.


AudioBurst lets you browse a selection of short clips of stand-out radio. These “Bursts” are shareable by clicking on the social buttons or emailing them to a friend.


RR Donnelley (Nasdaq:RRD) helps organizations communicate more effectively by working to create, manage, produce, distribute and process content on behalf of its customers.


Ubersmith is a global leader in billing, device management and help desk software and services that are scalable, open and integrated.


iTravel Jerusalem is the portal for all Jerusalem travel information and enables you to tailor your cultural vacation packages around your interests and personal preferences.


Go Airlink NYC is one of New York City’s largest and most complete operators of ground transportation, tour and sightseeing services for leisure and corporate markets.


Henry Stewart Talks publishes animated audio-visual presentations by leading world experts. They cover a variety of  topics in a user-friendly format.


Verifile provides of global CV verification and background screening services. The aim is to help employers make the most informed and rewarding long-term recruitment decisions.


ECommerce Partners is an agency that combines expertise, creative talent, and business know-how to help clients achieve online marketing results.

APPERY.IO is a low-code app development platform that makes it easy to create hybrid mobile apps, web apps and PWAs.


BE Group ™ organizes unique weddings in Israel’s most exclusive locations, with custom consulting, travel and planning services to give you the luxury wedding you’re dreaming of.


Qadabra replaces the convoluted procedures and unnecessary risks which exist in the current online advertising environment with a distinctly different approach: simplicity.


The Rothberg International School (RIS) is the international study center of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  It’s one of the best universities in Israel.


MongoDB is an open source, NoSQL, document-oriented database designed with both scalability and developer agility in mind.


Herbalife Nutrition is a global nutrition company whose purpose is to make the world healthier and happier.


Kenes Group organizes professional conferences worldwide, and they are the only only global PCO dedicated to medical and scientific events.


Optitex’s 3D fashion design software caters to the global textile industry by providing state-of-the-art pattern design, runway simulation, and digital process optimization.


Regpack provides an online event registration software that allows organizations to quickly design event registration forms with total flexibility and no programming.


ActivePath’s email add-on allows users to enjoy the web browsing experience from within their emails. ActiveMail improves customer engagement and email marketing success rates.


Ayalon Insurance Group offers a wide spectrum of insurance products and financial programs to meet the needs of individuals and businesses alike.


Reimage is an online computer repair tool that will automatically fix your Windows system by replacing corrupt files, leaving your data intact.


NYBox is a mail forwarding service in the US that allows people worldwide to shop in US stores. The company also has a personal shopping system that can place orders for you.


IBM Worklight provides a mobile application platform that enables the development of cross-platform applications with unmatched flexibility, enterprise connectivity and more.


Ginger Software is a downloadable program that corrects spelling and grammar errors based on the context of each sentence.


Viaccess-Orca provides IPTV middleware and applications, empowering broadband operators and service providers to deliver broadcast TV, VOD, PVR, and home media.


WRNTY provides innovative wholesale distribution software that revolutionizes the supply chain data flow.


America Israel Travel specializes in heritage tours to Israel, Egypt, and Jordan. Offering customized Bar Mitzvah tour packages and Christian Holy Land tours.


NY International Shipping is a moving company in New York that provides professional, attentive international relocation services to clients worldwide.


Play65 is the largest backgammon online community. You can play Backgammon for free or for real money against AI or against other players.


Diesenhaus Unitours is the largest tour operator in Israel, allowing users to book online flights, hotels, and vacation packages worldwide.


Dominos Pizza Switzerland lets you order fresh and tasty pizza online. No need to make a phone call, no need to wait. Your pizza order is just a click away.


Pelter Winery offers a series of high-quality, distinctive wines that are made of a variety of grapes, including Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Sauvignon Blanc.


Ophir Optronics offers precision IR optics components and laser measurement equipment. They develop, manufacture, and market Infrared Optics and Laser Measurement equipment.


Kare Products sells ergonomic products that address health and safety in the work, home, and travel environments.


Air Kenya is the largest airline in Kenya, providing daily flights from Nairobi to Mombasa and to national Safari parks all across Kenya and Tanzania.


ABS Moving and Storage offers local moving services in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC as well as long-distance moving services anywhere within the continental US.